“Mens sana in corpore sano” - (a healthy mind in a healthy body)


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los secretos del ayurveda


deepak chopra ayurveda

Deepak Chopra, perhaps the most famous Ayurvedic practitioner in the world, defines this ancient science as the "way to healing by establishing a connection between mind and spirit".



Are you tired of "feeling tired"? Of being sick all the time? Of not being in the mood of doing things? Do you want to feel good, look good, be strong, be happy, be able to concentrate in your work, to sleep like a baby? Do you wish to be able to reap the benefits of good health? Do you wish to learn how to take care of yourself and your family? AYURVEDA (the science of life) has all of the answers to your questions and much more. The knowledge gleaned from this ancient science dates back to more than 5000 years and is called the "mother of all alternative forms of healing" and from now is within reach of the western world, now presented in Spanish.

With this course entitled, "the Secrets of Ayurveda", one can now enter this fascinating world in a simple and practical manner so that one would be able to apply its teachings starting from the very first day of application up to living it into ones everyday life.

medicina india

Ayurveda originated from India and is the foundation of Tibetan medicine. This ancient science gave birth to many of the known forms of Chinese medicine (of which is observed to be clearly similar to each other) whose foundations are well known in all of Asia. The medical systems employed by Greek and Roman doctors show undeniable characteristics that resemble those of Ayurvedic origin and the list goes on that it stretches up to many of the important civilizations in the history of humankind.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently recognized Ayurveda as one of the most complete and organized system of healing that exist.

Ayurveda focuses on health, like knowing how to completely conserve and recuperate it. It makes use of all resources found in nature (food, spices composed of herbs, colors, metals, gems, sound, etc.) in order to not only help cure diseases by also re-enforce all of the missing and excessive aspects of the body that are deemed unhealthy.

Introduction to Ayurveda: We are going to learn how to understand its fundamental principles and apply them in everyday life. We are going to answer the fundamental question that we ask ourselves, "what works for me?" and put this answer into practice starting from the first day of application. Ayurveda is one of the most recognized healing systems in the world that aims to treat mind, body and spirit.
Given its age, we can say that Ayurveda is an original system in which many of the modern medical systems are derived. Ayurveda is also one of the systems of alternative medicine that is up to date and understandable for people who are introduced to it in the Western Countries, where its popularity and prestige are increasing in a rapid pace. 


What type of medical conditions can Ayurvedic practice improve?

Actually, many people study Ayurveda because they suffer from problems that conventional medicine could not give them. Ayurveda has been successfully treating patients suffering from many medical conditions like stomach acid problems, acne, addiction to smoking and hard and soft drugs, food allergies, allergies, anemia, anger and hostility problems, anxiety, lack of appetite (Anorexia or Bulimia), Arthritis, Rheumatic Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Asthma, Bursitis, stomach and menstrual cramps, renal stones, baldness, tiredness of vision, dandruff, cataracts, irritated eyes, Cerumen, Cellulitis, problems with cholesterol, Colitis, Conjunctivitis, heart-related problems, hair problems, depression, problems related to eating habits, Diabetes, Diarrhea (for children and adults alike), care of teeth, digestive problems, headaches, backaches, pain related to hearing, edema, problems related to pregnancy, emotional disorders, gum problems, spine problems, constipation, stress, chronic fatigue, chest fibrosis, fever, Furunculosis, gas problems, Glaucoma, internal and external hemorrhages, hemorrhoids, herpes, hypertension, hiccups, hypoglycemia, impotency, urinary incontinence, indigestion, infected nails, inflamed chest, insomnia, jet lag, lactation problems, libido problems, sores on the mouth, bad breath, dizziness, memory problems, menopause, menstruation problems, mental diseases, migraines, muscle and tendon-related problems like general spasms and tendinitis, nasal problems like (Rhinitis, hemorrhages, Sinusitis), obesity or overweightness, loss of hearing, insect bites, athlete's foot, dry skin, Prostate hyperplasia, insolation and other types of burns, rectal problems (like hemorrhoids and itching), hangovers, colds, irritable bowel,, dry and wet cough, bladder problems and much more.



miguel bose practica ayurveda

Your method of slimming down appears to have been reflected in a song from the disc "Ayurvedico". What is that?

Miguel Bose: "It's a word that came from Hindi and is a type of medicine that has developed for thousands of years of practice. It came from the pharmacopeia of spices that serve to help maintain equal temperatures in the body, drain unhealthy deposits of food and toxins, and clean all of the organs of the body. It is a very tasty and very rich type of food but unfortunately, it does not contain animal proteins. I used this diet in order to clean my body from disgusting things caused by the accumulation of bad food from the past two and a half years due to Papitour. This also enabled me to be able to be healthy.

But Ayurveda does not make miracles, right?

Miguel Bose: "It actually depends on what your definition of miracle is. It's the same as being predisposed to enter into a type of discipline. If you maintain this diet, you would really see effects."


It's like many people in the entire world have experienced the benefits of practicing this ancient knowledge with excellent results and they do this without worry of having secondary side effects that are normally caused by taking in conventional medicine.

Now you can have access to the SECRETS of AYURVEDA in a simple and practical manner with our exclusive AYURVEDA COURSE, now presented in English & Spanish! A product of many years of compiling ancient texts and learning from them.


  • "I always felt attracted to natural forms of therapy and I found this system marvelous and I think that this should be taught in the schools where our kids go to. Thanks." Mari Cruz, Alicante
  • "I had this course because of my best friend's recommendation. This had a tremendous effect on me! It's simple and practical even from the very first day that I practiced it!" Carmen, Ibiza
  • "I used Ayurveda on my daughter and she felt better right away. It's a shame that I haven't encountered this before. " – Lucia, Tenerife
  • "Nothing else but curiosity led me to this world and I was surprised in a way that I was not at all expecting. I lost weight! I adapted this teaching to my every day life, to my habits and I'm still enchanted by it!" – Merche, Barcelona
  • "I'm tired of having to take too many medicine. It's not an easy thing. But after knowing Ayurveda, I reduced the number of medicine that I had to take and I now feel much better. Now I don't have to worry about having those secondary side effects caused by taking in too much medicine." – Juan Carlos, Madrid
  • Stress was consuming me to the point that I don't sleep well and that I'm always having a bad day. But I did not yield thanks to this course that is so enriching that I finally was able to take leave of that! From the beginning, I learned methods like how to eat according to my constitution and the change that occurred to me was a relief. My husband was so thankful as well and I'm here to recommend Ayurveda to everyone in the whole world". Marta Lujan, Mallorca

The change that you were looking for is solely dependent on no one else but you.

curso ayurveda

Ayurveda is centered on health by helping to preserve or heal the body from the inside out and outside in in a form that is both holistic and complete. This science developed during the ancient times and is comprised of Hindu texts that date back to 5000 years. Ayurveda is translated as "the art and science of living", a methodical system that utilizes all accessible resources in nature and in our immediate environment (food, spices, herbs, colors, metals, gems, sounds, etc.) that not only helps treat diseases but also helps balance the needs and excesses of the body.



  • History and Philosophy
  • Basic Concepts
  • What is health and what are the characteristics of good health
  • Digestion – Immunity – Deterioration and its causes
  • Tissues- Imbalances and its causes
  • Energy centers in the body
  • Personal Ayurvedic Typology:
  • What are you? Vata, Pitta or Kapha?
  • A test that allows one to know what type of typology he or she has according to Ayurveda 
  • Mental nature of Vata, Pitta and Kapha
  • Pathological tendencies of Vata, Pitta and Kapha
  • Causes of health problems
  • toxins
  • Ayurvedic digestion: What one needs to take note of
  • Health plan: What one needs to do in order for the body to recuperate
  • Other forms of (subtle) therapy for health recovery (hydrotherapy, massages, mantras, breathing, etc)
  • Introduction to Ayurvedic Diagnosis
  • Introduction to Panchakarma (cleaning of the organs of the body)
  • Sanskrit Dictionary - Bibliography



que es ayurveda


Ayurveda, the "science of life", is the traditional form of health maintenance in India and is probably the oldest curative system in the world. Its roots can be dated from as far back as 5,000 years and because of that, it is not surprising that it has been called as the "mother of all forms of cure".


According to Ayurveda, it was revealed that the different causes of diseases came from:

  • the loss of healthy equilibrium that affects the integral harmony represented in the being of each person
  • Tissue vitiation and its lack or excess in the body
  • Blockages on the important canals of the body
  • Problems in the elimination or accumulation of physiological waste
  • Psychological causes

The basic difference between modern medicine and Ayurveda is that the latter is centered on health, which is understood in terms of physical, mental and spiritual well-being and that it is not dedicated solely on treating the symptoms of diseases. Ayurveda emphasized on the preventive aspects because if we maintain a sound and healthy body, there will be little opportunity of falling victim to contagious diseases. For the prevention of diseases, Ayurveda prioritized on the maintenance and the promotion of the defensive systems of the body. In short, in order to maintain a good immune system, it is recommended that one follows a DIET. This includes detoxification of the body or the infusion of herbs and reactive plans in one's regimen as seen on daily or seasonal health plans whose combination must be followed as a recuperative strategy. Developing the art of eating is an important strategic component so that the body can recover properly as well as maintain it in the long run.

 belleza tratamientos

What does this course give me?

Everything that we are going to learn in this course will help change the way we see the world.

Some of the benefits on taking this couse:

  • demonstate that it's better to prevent rather than heal and how to do it without taking drastic measures that only agitates the mind.
  • take charge of our health
  • apply the different systems of nutrition that helps ajust our constitution in a good but simple way
  • how to make medicine from food, the use of mountain herbs not only on curing but also maintaing the body healty, the use of massages in every type of constitution, color, smell and to use mantras and other forms of sound, personal rituals that help regulate our metabolism
  • the principle theory and practice of the philosophical concents that Ayurveda adopted for the occident
  • know what emotional blocks are and its philosophical impact on the physical body
  • we will know how certain seasons of the year affects us and learn as to why we are predisposed to get sick during those times
  • what corrective measures are within our reach without having to spend a fortune in cosmetics and drugs that often do not work
  • know what our biological constitution is and its importance • The importance of active participation in health recovery
  • Initiation into the different methods of diagnosis by using a typical Ayurvedic questionnaire.



Ayurveda, the art and science of living
Ayurveda is a day-to-day holistic (body, mind and spirit) science that promotes the health and happiness of people. This is based on the principle that a healthy life is a result of the balance between the mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda promotes principles that are proven to be effective that helps determine the specific needs of people in order to achieve optimum development. Those principles have been used with success in civilization like the ancient Greek, Egypt and that of those possessing Vedic origins.
The human condition has an immense potential and a person must strengthen it in order to make perfect use of it.
What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is as old as humanity and its roots traced to be more than 5000 years old. Its knowledge was written in Sanskrit! For this reason that this practice is not familiar in English & Spanish-speaking communities although this has become increasingly popular as each day passes by.
What is the relation between Ayurveda and health? When there is equilibrium between ones biological constitution and its component parts: tissues, waste products, circulatory canals – and there is no interruption on the flow of energy, we can say that there is harmony between the body, mind and spirit and from there we can reap the benefits of good health.
The manifestations of good health are the following:

  • Desire to eat foods that provide nutrition
  • Assimilation of ingested food
  • Ease on defecating and urinating
  • Lightness of the body after eating
  • Easiness in terms of falling asleep and experiencing profound sleep
  • Waking up with ease
  • Good physical performance and resistances
  • Good physical complexion
  • An affable and positive spirit

Diseases do not appear repeatedly unless there are one or more of the 10 known factors that cause them that are present: The law of inequality and difference, food and diet, seasons of the year, exercise, age, mental and emotional factors, stress, use and misuse of the 5 senses, overall ignorance of who we are and finally, relationships.
Stress is one of the major pathological inducers of disease. It can rouse allergies, herpes and can trigger cardiopathies. Every type of constitution presented here has its characterized form of symptoms of bad health when stress manages to reach levels that are deemed intolerable for the body.
What's the difference with traditional medicine?
The starting point that would help one understand the difference is to know that everything in life is intimately connected and that nothing is separated in the universe. Human beings are not exceptions to this.
Another aspect worth noting is the difference in the manner of treating the disease. Ayurveda prefers to re-establish the balance that allows the body to no longer permit germs, bacteria and viruses by eliminating these undesirable microorganisms as a consequence of achieving balance. Treat the patient as if nothing is separated from his parts.
What relationship exists between the other forms of medical practice during the days of antiquity? Ayurveda had a strong influence throughout the ages and many medical systems, starting from Ancient Greece in the west up to the traditional Chinese Medicine from the East can be traced to it. Herbs and Ayurvedic formulas that appear in Traditional Chinese Medicine also existed in forms related to acupuncture and in Ayurvedic forms.
Is there such a thing as Astrological Medicine? The fundamental purpose of this study is to know the planetary influences that can cause diseases, accidents and other forms of evil. During ancient times, it is expected that all doctors are to have knowledge in astrology so that they can predict pathological symptoms, its duration, its possible cure and the manner to take measures to alleviate suffering. Karma is the element that makes it possible to manifest in the mental or physical plane. The seeds of disease, on the other hand, can be seen in the astral plane and these tendencies can become latent for a long time until activated with certain adverse planetary aspects.
What recognition did Ayurvedic Medicine had during the 20th century? Ayurvedic medicine is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the alternative medical systems that are deemed complete and coherent that offers tools that restore the equilibrium in both the rational and spiritual sides.
How does one determine the type of constitution that I belong to? During the moment of conception, each person is born with a different combination of various factors that influence and determine the type of biological constitution that this child has. We are going to provide in the course a test that allows one to know the personal constitution of each person who would make use of Ayurveda at the rate of 100% effectiveness.

A question that we get a lot is if it is possible to practice or to start with Ayurveda when you are following a treatment with other forms of (alternative) medicines. Can I allow myself to benefit from Ayurveda and proceed with the treatment?

Ayurveda is a marvelous system that not only provides curative ways of not only discovering oneself but also complements completely with other healing systems. The important thing is that we should remain sufficiently open so that we can appreciate the fact that the cure can come from other valid sources.

How long does an Ayurvedic treatment last?

It is recommended that one has to completely follow a treatment for at least a minimum of 10 weeks. Many of our patients experienced relief pretty fast and this restrengthened the faith in the Ayurvedic principles.

terapias naturales

Rajesh Deependra Nehru
Being a monk for more than 30 years, he practiced Ayurveda during those times and has compiled all of his knowledge about this subject in order to aid the people living outside his beloved country. Despite of having been born in a wealthy family, he chose the path of learning, of detachment to material things, of meditation and embraced the Ayurvedic teachings of his ancestors even at such a young age. He is now residing in India and is still imparting Ayurvedic teachings to young monks.


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LOOK AFTER YOUR HEALTH AND WELL BEING! This book will change your life! Order now!

compra el mejor curso ayurveda

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